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's win, 5-1 and they advance to play the yankees in the alds. over to the cardinals and brave, bottom of the 6th, st. louis, up to shadow left there, get this. the infield fly rule was called at that point. it would be the brave's undoing, cards go on to win. they play washington next. and complete coverage, both the giants and a's get the playoff action. can't wait. >> all right, thanks henry, you're more excited about the a's and giants, or madonna and justin b [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. find your perfect color with a buy one, get one pint offer. visit >>> check it out. all of those people lining up in san francis
a minute ago. you can see all the orange and black, t-shirts, caps. i've only seen one brave reds fan in the crowd. see, they're excited. we're going to go all the way. and if not, you can hear the roar above, blue angels. so much going on this weekend, we've got this guy here with maps because muni has added routes because of america's cup. talk about everything going on this weekend. the point is, of course, there will be impossible parking at a lot of these events and with gas price, the message is, leave your cars at home. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of thousands didn't want to miss this music. >> very excited. to have this big music festival for free in our background. it's fantastic. >> reporter: the bluegrass festival organizers say it attracts about 250,000 people. it's just one of many big draws to the city, from america's cup expecting 100,000 in attendance to fleet week more than 300,000 people each day. >> it's scary. everybody said over a million people will be coming through town. i love the blue angels and fleet week. it will look up from here. >> reporter: the bluegrass
of braves fans cheered thinking this was the moment they loaded the bases on the brink of a comeback, but because of something called the infield fly rule, even though the baseball hit the ball the umpire called the batter out. the call led to angry braves fans to litter the field. after a nearly 20-minute delay the game resumed and st. louis end the the atlanta season. >>> it was supposed to be the answer of a traffic nightmare, but in san antonio, texas, a major construction project has come to a sudden halt due to conservation efforts against frustrated drivers. here's janet shamlian. >> reporter: it's deserted now, but for nongs that had been a busy construction zone. an underpass designed to ease congestion at one of san antonio's biggest bottlenecks. >> it is quite consistent. >> but the $15 million project is now on hold, due to the endangered spider. it's about the size of a dime. >> what's significant about it is it's the first time we've seen it in 30 years. a lot of people thought this guy was distinct, but it's exciting in the biological world. >> reporter: it was found i
, braving the elements. >> it's not too bad, but these 90-year-old legs are just a little chilly right now. >> fans also tried to brave the cold. >> it feels a little colder than 45 degrees. my hands are freezing, but the rest of me is warm because i have on a lot of layers. >> and the colder temperatures and even some rain couldn't dampen a fall tradition: a visit to the pumpkin patch. >> we would come rain or shine. >> reporter: others grabbed a cup of warm apple cider, a taste of fall and winter all at once. as temperatures dipped, this cold spell is expected to lapse into the next week. what we don't know yet, let tst is if this is a sign for a cold winter ahead. >> we want to bring in meteorologist julie martin who is monitoring the big chill from weather channel headquarters. julie, good evening. >> good evening, lester. a couple winter blasts are rolling in from the system. we'll see that system reaching the east tomorrow, touching places like virginia and the carolinas, those temperatures to be about 20 degrees below average. behind that, another system moo moves in, this one bring
reason to celebrate after a loss by the second place atlanta braves secured the club's first ever n.l. east crown. >>> well, coming up, who's hosting the oscars and who's still the queen when it comes to highest paid women. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, some pet owners will go to almost any length to pamper their pooch, and we've got the video to prove it. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back to "early today." we talked about the rain heading into the coastal areas of alaska and the big storm moving through the west coast. we'd love some rain. it's been an amazingly dry period. in portland, oregon, august and september the two driest months you've ever had, less than a half inch in two months combined, about a quarter inch. no rain today either. boise, very warm. 93 in l.a. very warm in interior california. we knock the temperatures down a couple degrees tomorrow. once again, we'd love a weather pattern change in the west. won't have any any time soon. if you're watching us in yakima, washington, take a trip back in time and expl
by friday's braves/cardinals game with the winner facing the washington nationals in the n.l. division series starting sunday. >>> let's get a little football in. the nfl has agreed to allow suspended new orleans saints sean payton, mickey loomis and joe vitt to attend the team's game at the superdome on sunday night. >>> and finally in basketball, the nba has adopted a new anti-flopping rule that will fine players for repeated violations. a league official said the exaggerated falls to the floor has "no place in our game." i think us fans can agree on that, right? >>> well, coming up, a scare for ashton kutcher fans and words of advice for honey boo boo. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we're going to tell you about an inspirational cyclist who gives new meaning to the words, no limits. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back and thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. continuing with dry conditions, temperature differences on the west coast. that's about it. we're very chilly and cool in the northern portions of the rockies and
'm kate longworth. >> before we get out of here, nl wild card game. cardinals and braves, top of the seventh. a grounder to short. ball gets away. thirst error for the braves. but the bottom of the eighth major drama. here is the pop-up. it's in the outfield. got it, no one gets it. so you think everyone is safe bases loaded. the problem is the umpire called the infield fly rule. that's not the infield. fredi gonzalez would protest. fans flew beer. it was out of hand. they stopped the game for nearly 20 minutes and they moved after all of that drama. a lot of people said man, that not fair. life since fair. i'm here and she's next to jessica aguirre. life is not fair. >> if you do a frequenty friday. >> exactly like swift all the time. thanks. watch sports net central at 10:30. >> tonight gearing up for the weekend, not just the hype but the traffic and weather. we'll have complete coverage, we invite you to go to our website to follow along or follow us on facebook or twitter. a lot of updates you need to know throughout the weekend. >> a lot of stuff where we're going to pla
to sailors and racing with complete coverage throughout the day. >>> if you are braving all of those crowds, mass transit is your best bet. b.a.r.t. has longer trains and more service. caltrain is a great option if you are headed to at&t park. plus muni will have special service for all of today's events. more taxies are also expected to be on the road. >>> our coverage of nonstop with life reports throughout the day here on nbc bay area and online you can figure out how to get around the traffic and where the delays are. that's you can also follow us on facebook and twitter. our hash tag is baybigwknd. >>> an overnight brawl on president streets of san francisco where more than a dozen people were involved. the latest on that coming up. plus, san francisco not the only place with snarls in the forecast. what to watch out for trafficwise in downtown san jose coming up. >>> plus, big bird makes a cameo on "saturday night live." up past his bedtime and he's talking politics. >>> good morning. we are talking about a little bit of sunshine this morning. we're also talking about
:00 tonight. if you are braving the crowds, mass transit is the best bet. caltrain has a great option heading to at&t park and muni has special service for all of today's events. to read more about all of the events, how to get around the delays and up to the minute weather changes, go to or you can follow us on facebook and you can follow us on twitter. >>> in other news this morning, it will be a solemn mass this morning for a peninsula church. a minivan hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in the parking lot of st. andrew's catholic church yesterday. police say a woman in her 50s driving a minivan hit a mother, her child and another woman. the child later died at the hospital. >>> we have all of the day's news coming up in 30 minutes. "today in the bay" starts at 7:00. >>> we are back on a sunday morning, october 7, 2012. despite the chilly weather in new york city, we have a great crowd with us here this morning. we thank them for spending part of their weekend with us. it's a completely different wardrobe today than yesterday. everybody was wearing short sleeves and today we a
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'll be the one that got away. ♪ home of the brave. it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ and certain men... find a way to rise above. this is the land of giants. ♪ guts. glory. ram. >>> all night, the bitter cold licked you should the door frames of the bruner house here in colorado. hardly a night to talk a walk. not a night walk. had she hurt herself or had someone else hurt her? it wasn't like stephanie roller bruner to just disappear. >> it seemed more likely it might be a stranger that might be involved or that stephanie herself might have just run off in despair and maybe hurt herself. >> stephanie's friends and family poored over those last few weeks so full of change. were there clues? some knew about stephanie's relationship with that new man and how upset she was about losing her job. still, she seemed to be holdinging the trouble at bay. six weeks before she disappe disappeared, she suggested a family holiday. >> she said let's go to clemens springs. old, classic, wonderful place. >> and it wasn't almost romantic, said dale. almost like the old days. when they got back, she gave him
is himself a cancer survivor. >>> and this black bear was brave enough to walk on to this back deck but not prepared for this woman's angry reaction. >> no, no. down! who knew it works. this is at least the seventh time the bear was recorded lumbering outside the house. as we throw it back outside to al roker, i would say probably not recommended to try that. >> i don't think -- bad bear. bad bear. >> sit. >> bad bear. wow. don't mess with her. we have to get her out here. nice to see everybody. we've got the japadog folks here. in vancouver, one of the best hot dogs ever. >> where are you set up? >> st. mark's place. >> yes. >> and also we are doing a promotion tomorrow, only tomorrow. >> good to know. okay. thank you very much. let's check -- bad hot dog, bad hot dog. let's see what we've got. kansas city city, mo, action news, mostly sunny, mild, 75 degrees today. we've got a lot of wet weather making its way up the east coast from the keys in miami all the way into central pennsylvania. we're going to be looking at showers and thunderstorms hanging around. some of them could be
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12